‘One Bad Penny’ is a thriller, about the events leading up to, and the aftermath of, an industrial disaster and it’s impact on the town and it’s inhabitants. 
This pacy thriller set in summer 2009, with flash backs to three crucial days in May 2003, interweaves two compelling tales regarding the events leading up to, and the aftermath, of a major disaster when a chemical plant explodes in the sleepy coastal town of Wightport.
Gary David is an overworked Environmental Agency officer. One of his cases is the chemical factory – old, run down and in dire need of investment, but recently bought by a large corporate conglomerate. 
Far from being knights in shining armour, they threaten to shut the plant down and move production abroad unless productivity and profits improve. The workforce has no choice but to cut corners on safety.
Gary David discovers the plant has been compromised and battles against the company and his employers, amid the stresses of his own troubled family, to try and avert a catastrophe at the factory. 
Despite his frantic efforts, he fails, and the tragic result is a huge loss of life and countless injuries.
The subsequent enquiries by the police, coroner and various Government bodies including his employer, the Environmental Agency, all produce evidence naming Gary as the man responsible.
Six years later, Gary’s son Sam, tired of being the son of the most hated man in the country, and convinced of his father’s innocence, comes into an inheritance and starts his own investigation.
With a private detective in tow, he hires an old family friend, a specialist technical investigator, to seek out the truth. Together they track down the key players involved in the disaster, and try to discover what really happened in Wightport in May 2003.
But will what they discover change anything, and what lengths will Sam go to in order to clear his father’s name?

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