I’m lucky to write from our idyllic coastal home overlooking Cardigan Bay in beautiful West Wales where I live with my wife and best friend Ally. I’ve written 22 books so far and had over 300 of my short stories and articles published in various anthologies, magazines, and on websites.
My books are always easily accessible and I believe nothing beats a cracking good story full of surprises rather than literary references.
My latest publications are ‘M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction)’ 1 & 2 where world leaders & their escalating conflicts risk leading to Armageddon!
Other recent books are 1, 2 & 3 of the ‘The Grinners Little Book of Fake News.’ Along with ‘The Grinners Little Book of News Dumps.’ Each is a collection of 50 humorous satirical articles about Trump and the clowns that surround him (News Dumps features 100 articles).
I’ve written two other satirical humorous books, ‘Letters from Llanaber’ and ‘Letters from Llanaber 2.’ Each is a collection of 50 articles about the Trump administration, reflected through what happens in a small village in West Wales.
‘Ten Tense Tales’ is a collection of five novellas and five short stories, all gripping tales that twist and turn, each dripping with horror, shocks and grizzly surprises.
One of my other recent books ‘JAM (Just About Managing)’ is a comedy drama about the daily fight for survival for Ross, a humble middle manager in the cruel, de-humanising and unforgiving corporate world of hotels.
‘Whistleblower’ is a Scifi / Horror detective story. The world is blighted with killer kids, but they’re just a symptom of something much more sinister. It’s a white knuckle ride for our two heroes to save Earth from a very nasty end.
‘Retribution’ is the sequel to Whistleblower – a Scifi / Horror detective story. It’s the end of an easy shift for Jake Redwood, our lowly Detective in Polk County. When he receives a mysterious phone call while having a drink with his buddies, it starts a fast and furious train of events, as he runs for his life to escape retribution for heinous crimes he doesn’t even know he’s committed. Jake Redwood is once again running for his life… but from whom?
I have three further collections of Ghost / Horror stories, ‘Guests of Horror,’ ‘The Last Train Home,’ and ‘Peek-A-Boo.’ All are packed with spine-tingling stories to thrill, chill, and sometimes make you laugh.
‘The Sleep Chasers Collection of Short Stories’  is compiled of 36 short stories written to help relax those that are having trouble getting to sleep.
‘Seeds of Freedom’ is a fast paced detective / political thriller set in a sleepy Welsh seaside town with dark secrets. Its sequel, The Seed Cloud,’ is set amid the chaotic new world of Wales at the mercy of a terrorist organization.
‘One Bad Penny’ is a thriller about events leading up to, and the aftermath of, an industrial disaster and its impact on the town and its inhabitants.
My other two books ‘One Bad Gig’ and ‘Another Bad Gig’ are comedy dramas following the hilarious ups and downs of an incident prone hapless gigging musician.
I hope you enjoy my books and if you have any comments or questions, please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.
Please contact me directly at davidsmith2468@gmail.com
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