MORE LETTERS FROM LLANABER: Global politics seen through life in this strange tiny village in West Wales.  A collection of the second 50 newsletters written by the Llanaber parish foreign secretary​​​​​​​.
FOR THE UNINITIATED – AN INTRODUCTION TO LLANABER: Llanaber is a tiny village by the seaside in West Wales with its own micro-climate (perpetual fog), village attractions (a variety of small shops set around a massive sink hole in the high street), neighbouring villages (Druidellau, Spanibont, Rufflotia,Sadli Bakwardia, Chicken and Bogbourne) and political shenanigans worthy of Capitol Hill itself.
Llanaber is a microcosm of the US. What happens in the US affects Llanaber, especially as the mad old bat that runs the parish council, Mrs. Dorothy ‘Binky’ Trim, will plagiarize even the craziest Trump idea if she thinks she can benefit from it.
Village life is documented in the village ‘newsletter’ written by the parish council’s Foreign Secretary and Anti-Corruption & Nepotism Tsar, David Smith. The characters and events in the village may seem bizarre beyond belief but take a closer look. Are they really that different to what’s happening in ‘the real world?’

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