‘One Bad Gig’ is a comedy drama following the hilarious ups and downs of an incident prone hapless gigging musician.
Pete Belcher is an incident prone hapless semi-pro musician on the bottom rung of the gigging circuit. After his disastrous performance at a wedding he winds up sacked once again.
He resolves to start his own band and is convinced that using karaoke backing tracks instead of musicians will finally lead him to his rightful pot of gold. He advertises for a lead singer and auditions the sweet Carol and the sour Simon, and hires them both.
Pete needs some of that gold up front to get the band going so he approaches his bank for a loan and manages to narrowly escape a serious brush with the law whilst acquiring the much needed funds.
He also needs new wheels for the band & their events, which should be straightforward enough, yet he finds himself grappling with a stunt driving nun before he gets his hands on the keys to his shiny new van.
His hitherto unheard of bulging wallet & roadworthy vehicle get him in to deep water with the local DHSS snoop, his personal stalker with an axe to grind, the delightless Brenda.
Against all the odds, the band make it to their first gig, which turns out to be in a very unusual & unwelcoming venue. They breathe a sigh of relief when they finally escape, not realising they’re not the only ones and that their debut night has only just begun…….
Join Pete Belcher, our loveable rogue, as he stumbles from one hilarious disaster in his life to another, before coming up trumps in the end.
N.B. Contains language used by loveable rogues!

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