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Another Bad Gig

About This Book

Will Pete’s Karaoke based pop band win ‘band to band combat’ and tour the world on luxury liners finding love and adventure – No chance! But we’ll have a few good laughs at his expense as he once again staggers from one disaster to another trying.

It’s a year later and our hapless hero Pete causes a riot in a Carribean club, a pensioner punch up when he fluffs up calling the bingo numbers, then gets himself hypnotized by accident. On the plus side he’s invited to audition for a cruise ship residency which could change his fortunes. Along the way, though, more trouble follows in the form of a fracas with security guards, a scrap with his agent, a run in with his arch rival, and eventually a mystery man trying to bump him off. His guardian angels this time include the beautiful Jo. Will romance blossom for Pete? Well…..